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Step 1- PROCUREMENT - The manufacturing process begins from procuring gems. Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India is one of the biggest centers for cutting and polishing color stones. Worlds largest cutting and polishing of diamonds is done in Mumbai and Surat of Maharashtra, India. We thus meet our requirements by purchasing gems mainly from these sources.

Step 2- DESIGNING - We incorporate the purchased gems into the designs created by our designers. However, there are times that the gems will be purchased for a particular design. We work on the designs everyday to stay innovative and alert to new trends and ideas.

Step 3-WORK ALLOTTMENT- Now the different designs are distributed to different artisans. Each piece is discussed at length with our master craftsmen, giving all the specifications and minute details. However our general standards are already laid out and well understood by each craftsperson  such as topics related to mounting, polishing, enameling, setting, stamping, finishing, etc. We supply the alloy to them. After our craftsmen understand each point, they begin manufacturing.

Step 4- CRAFTSMANSHIP- There is no casting involved in our process. Hence each piece is formed mainly by hand out of raw gold. According to the item and the design, it carefully chiseled and molded by using traditional tools, such as hammer, pliers, files, tweezers, saw blades, bench knife, soldering devices, mandrels, bench grinder, bench anvil, punch sets, dapping block, bench sheet, wire shear, drill stock and flexible shaft machine. All components in our jewelry are manufactured at our workshop only, from posts and clips to all joints and hinges. All tools are used efficiently so that each piece attains its full glory.

Step 5- PRE-POLISHING - The mountings are pre-polished before setting using the buffing machine and special kind of threads with different rouges. Specially, those areas are polished where buff is not possible after setting stones, such as holes made for setting diamonds. Each corner is polished extensively till the metal shines.

Step 6- STONE SETTING -Once the mounting is polished, stones are set with accurate precision. It takes a very good eye and highly trained hands to set small diamonds and other color stones using tools such as a ring clamp set, burnishers, burs and prong pusher set.

Step 7- FINAL POLISHING - Now comes the final-finish-polish which brings back the original luster of gemstones and the glow to gold. The craftsman uses different buffs on the machine, rouge, wire brushes, bristle brushes, sanders, wheels and flexible shaft motor. It is then washed carefully to take out the greasiness due to polish. The final product is ready for inspection.

Step 8- QUALITY CHECK - Inspection checks are done at different levels of manufacturing. The final check is the most crucial since after its completion  the piece goes into the inventory . This final piece is checked by three different connoisseurs  to ensure our standard of quality.