Requirements to host a Show

We thank you for your interest in hosting a show of our fine jewelry. Your role as a representative is very important as you will be the bridge between the customer and Singhvi Jewels. This business is totally based on trust, recommendation and word of mouth.

Sudi Shows :

To host a show, all you need to do is open your house for your friends and relatives or do it in a club, hotel or some place where your customers can easily come.

Invitation cards, customized to your liking, are supplied by the company which you can order through our website at no cost. Once you receive, you address them and mail them out to your friends. You pay only the postage. If there are expenses attached to the booking of any club, hotel or banquet hall, renting tables, chairs, etc. the company will reimburse you all the charges.

We do need some tables and chairs for displaying jewelry. Your dining table in the house usually works perfectly fine. Also the side boards, chest, kitchen counter, card tables or any other flat surface helps in displaying jewelry.

It is totally up to you if you want to offer your customers any refreshments or drinks at the show but is not at all mandatory.

All the sales, special orders, repairs, invoicing, paper work and packing are done by the company staff at the show. All the money transactions and after sales service is also handled by the company. The company brings the jewelry to the venue each day of the show.

As a Representative you will receive a commission on sales and discounted prices on your purchase. We recommend that you encourage your customers to see our website before coming to the show. It's simple and very easy!