Ideas and Suggestions


The company will print your invitations and send them to you for mailing to your clients. Just log in to your account on the website, select 'Invitation Card' and click on 'Order Invitations'. Here you can select one of the templates that you like as your invitation or draft one from scratch and submit. Alternatively, you can simply fax your drafted copy. Remember to mention the quantity of invitation cards you need. Within few days the invitations will reach you along with the envelopes. You should order extra invitations and carry them with you prior to your show. It is a good idea to pass out invitations everywhere: (meetings, carpools, country clubs, golf and tennis games, etc.)

Business Cards

We recommend ordering your business cards for the show. The company prints your personalized cards at no cost to you and they look highly professional. To order, just log in to your account on our website and click on 'Marketing'.


Thank you Cards

You may also order 'Thank you cards' at no cost to you, from our website to show your appreciation for purchases made by your customers.

Display and Lighting

It is important to have proper lighting and to provide plenty of wall and hand mirrors available.

While doing the show, display the jewelry on a dining room table, sideboard, chest, card tables, etc. Wear a dark color and model the jewelry throughout the day and invite helpers or close friends over to do the same. Ladies enjoy trying on wonderful jewels. Encourage all customers to try on and wear the jewelry while they are at your show. If you are having a two-day show, and someone shows particular interest in a piece, encourage him or her to take it home overnight. Feel free to offer suggestions to Sudi about how you would like the jewelry to be displayed.

Phone Call

These shows are enjoyable for all concerned. There is no stress. Invite guests for a show to view and have fun trying on fabulous jewelry. Phone calls from you to prospective clients and husbands are helpful. Most people don't read their mail and seem to forget about invitations unless they have a gentle reminder which most seem to appreciate.


Web Site

You can develop a private and personal shopping service on a year round basis. Inform your clients about the website because it is a marvelous way to show and sell jewelry between shows. Encourage your customers to register on the website and open up an account to browse and shop from a vast collection along with accessing many other features. Here customers can keep a wish list of things that they like for future occasions. The wish list can be emailed to anyone, especially to husbands who are looking for anniversary, birthday or other special occasion presents. Call the client's husbands at the office or write them a personal note about your show. Many men enjoy attending late afternoon or early evening shows and they welcome suggestions about purchasing gifts for their wives.